Mini Screenless TV Touch Home Portable Smartphone Projection


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Product information:

System: Android 7.1.2

CPU: RK33688 core 64-bit A53, 1.5GHZ

GPU: PowerVR G6110 GPU

Running memory: 2G DDR3

Internal storage: 16GB

WIFI: 2.4G/5G Wifi

Bluetooth: BT4.2

Mirroring on the same screen: Eshare/Airplay/MiraCast

Battery usage time: about 1.5-2 hours of work

Remote control: 2.4G voice remote control

Built-in speaker: 1*3W speaker HDMI*1; USB*2

Body size: 93*93*161mm

Packing list:

Packing box*1

User Manual*1


Power cord*1


Remote control*1

HDMI cable*1

Additional information

Weight0.86 kg
Dimensions120 × 120 × 200 cm
Color: No selection


Electrical outlet: No selection


85 reviews for Mini Screenless TV Touch Home Portable Smartphone Projection

  1. K***k

    Even though the pandemic is drawing to a close, I’m still trying to find more ways to enjoy home entertainment without crowding. I am looking for a high quality projector. This projector caught my attention with its various connections.
    I tried it the night I received it and I knew right away that I had made the right choice.
    1. This Wifi projector connects wirelessly to my phone and iPad within a minute, which is a lifesaver for someone like me who is terrible with electronics.
    2. The sound quality is very good, no need for external speakers. No electro-acoustic/noise. It also comes with this compact remote that you can easily control the volume while lying in bed or anywhere in the room.
    3. The most important part, great video quality in 1080p resolution! ! I’ve tried watching sports, very old movies and playing LOL. They are all rendered in excellent resolution. No lag or freeze/pause screen.

  2. B***I

    I’m really happy to deal with the seller of DITONG. I asked the seller many questions and he was respond very fast and very clear. The product is like what he mention and really nice. I’m highly recommended the seller. Good quality fast shipping and every thing is clear. I think the seller deserve 7 ******* stars.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  3. T***L

    Ver fast deliry. Item as the descripción. Its just i want: resolution, brigthness….Perfect. Totally recomended. Thank you friend.

  4. R***v

    The appearance is generous and concise. The projection is clear and the brightness is great. The curtains are not closed during the day, and the lights are on at night. Sound quality sound is good. The operation is simple and convenient. The best part is that the oblique throw of the optical axis is fantastic.

  5. G***b

    Very fast delivery, delivered in 13 days. The customer service responded quickly and accurately, and the IT people were very satisfied!
    After the machine arrives, the packaging is in good condition, the appearance of the host is very fashionable, the carrying case of the host is also very stylish, and the design experience is good!
    Autofocus, portable two points, can be placed anywhere in the living room and bedroom, very easy to use and convenient!
    Comment on the image effect. The mirror screen I used is worthy of the price, and I still cast it on the white wall, and I can give a stricter score for satisfaction, and the minimum can reach 8 points!
    Sound effects are featured! I like!
    Overall is good, so the price is not expensive

  6. X***p

    I bought a xiaomi projector a few days ago, and it seems that it is not clear, especially when the light is turned on! I happened to see the DITONG projector and decided to buy it after consulting customer service. Waited 14 days to receive the projector, it really did not let me down, the sound quality is good, the function is strong, and the brightness is high! Turning on the lights can also meet my requirements, the key is that the price is cheaper than the same xiaomi projector

  7. C***d

    Appearance: The texture of the body and remote control is great
    Projection brightness: Even if the light is turned on, it does not affect the brightness
    Projected Colors: Colors are crisp with clear contrast
    Ease of operation: The operation is also very simple
    Sound quality sound effect: the sound effect is also excellent

  8. H***z

    Appearance: high appearance, high-end metal shell, top touch glass panel for finishing touch
    Projection brightness: bright enough, not dazzling at the same time, very comfortable to watch, you can watch it normally during the day, don’t worry.
    Projection color: I said before that from 3000 to 2800, the brightness was deliberately reduced in order to balance the picture quality. It really exceeded expectations. It has the color feeling of Samsung TV at home.
    Sound quality sound effect: shock, strong bass, stereo speakers, high sound quality
    Difficulty to operate: simple, easy to use OS, like remote control retrieval and side button settings
    This price is invincible product, the second time to buy DITONG projection

  9. J***i

    Arrived in 13 days, the packaging is well protected, the impact is cushioned, the product is not bad?, the clarity is good, the focus is also good, the overall workmanship is very good, the sound quality is really good. A projector increases happiness and is worth having
    Projection Color: Bright and vivid colors, good reproduction
    Projection brightness: The brightness is suitable for use at night, or in dark places
    Sound quality sound effect: This effect is very good
    Easy to operate: easy to operate, remote control can also be controlled

  10. Q***f

    Great projection, I’ve been using it for almost a month before reviewing it. It can be played for more than 3.5 hours after charging, with clear projection and automatic adjustment. It is very convenient to connect with the mobile hard disk of the mobile phone. I bought a projection screen myself, but a white wall is also fine. Just what do you think? In addition, the Manhattan sound is also good, and the sound quality is not selected! ! great! ! All in all very satisfied. The rest depends on whether the service life is enough.

  11. V***p

    Appearance: exquisite, compact and portable, with built-in battery.
    Projection brightness: high definition, does not hurt the eyes, and the picture quality is good. If the environment is dark, the projection effect is ideal.
    Projection color: clear color, high brightness
    Sound quality: Sound quality is good.
    Ease of Operation: Simple and easy to use.
    Other features: easy to operate, great value for money, auto focus, choose DITONG projector is perfect

  12. Y***a

    Appearance: The gray body has a strong metal texture, which is very textured and high-end
    Projection brightness: when a light is turned on next to it, it is still very clear
    Projection color: I haven’t bought other products before, I have a bad evaluation of the color, and the eyes feel very comfortable.
    Sound quality and sound effect: The bass is deep, I can throw my bluetooth speaker away, it can be a big speaker
    Easy to operate: The operation is very simple, you can operate it according to the tutorial, and the system is similar to the ordinary network TV

  13. K***h

    Appearance: The appearance must be simple and elegant, very good-looking
    Projection brightness: It can be brightened, and the effect is also very good after placing blackout curtains during the day
    Projection color: the color is not inferior to the TV, very good
    Sound quality and sound effect: The sound quality is very good, and the sound effect is not comparable to that of ordinary bluetooth speakers.
    Easy to operate: It takes about 5 minutes to adjust, you can follow the prompts without manual or other information
    Other features: good cost performance, good heat dissipation, almost no sound from the fan
    The machine is not big, easy to place. I was worried that the fan cooling sound would be loud, but there is no noise at all. I like this cost-effective product very much.

  14. M***u

    The DITONG projector has been upgraded to fully automatic keystone correction in seconds, with second-level automatic keystone correction, no matter where it is placed, desk, coffee table or bedside, front and side projection can be automatically corrected. This feature is one of the most requested features by users who have used projectors. ; It supports Dolby and DTS dual sound effects and is far superior to the old models in terms of sound quality. Equipped with such audio equipment, users can achieve good results without additional configuration of the audio system. DITONG has also upgraded the all-optical glass lens, which is not easy to be deformed by heat, not easy to age and turn yellow, and will not defocus. a long time. The light transmittance is higher and the picture is clearer. And it supports front projection 3D for the first time, so that the global playback of 3D movies is not restricted. The upgraded version of Bluetooth BT5.0 transmits faster, farther and more stable.

  15. W***j

    Appearance: Simple and generous, gray-black, looks more atmospheric
    Projection brightness: very satisfied with the effect of turning off the lights at night! If you turn on the lights, you can barely accept it, and you can see it with the curtains drawn during the day.
    Sound quality and sound effect: The sound effect is not bad, the sound power is relatively large, and it is still very good to watch a blockbuster.
    Projection color: true 1080p, clear picture quality, true color

  16. Q***z

    Projection brightness: very good, the picture is very clear, you can see it in the daytime, just draw the curtains if the sun is shining.
    Projection color: The colors are all good, and I can’t see any difference from the TV. Big screen wins
    Sound quality and sound effect: the sound is ok, watching a movie at night on the big screen and the sound effect is very good
    Ease of operation: The operation is simple, and you can vote and play in several ways.
    Other features: automatic keystone correction, automatic focus, automatic obstacle avoidance are very easy to use

  17. C***e

    1. The packaging of the product is strict, and at first glance, it is a product with responsibility and responsibility. 2. Appearance and texture are good. 3. The operation is simple and convenient. It is a fool-like operation. Both side projection and front projection can be automatically captured, and it can also automatically avoid obstacles and automatically focus. 4. The point is, the resolution and sound effects are not bad. 120-inch large screen, home theater is cool. If you turn off the lights and watch a blockbuster, the experience is great.

  18. B***s

    Projection brightness: It basically does not affect the light at night when it is bright. 1200 brightness is enough.
    Projection color: The color reproduction is delicate, and you can see it clearly even with the lights on. With a 100-inch screen, it feels like watching a movie in a movie theater.
    Sound quality and sound effect: The speaker effect is good and the Dolby sound effect is more satisfactory.
    Easy to operate: The operating system is very user-friendly, and it is easy to use for the elderly and children.
    Other features: rich interface, easy to set up, automatic focus, automatic keystone correction, voice recognition is very convenient and practical. Powerful performance, startup, network connection, and video playback are all fast and smooth

  19. T***p

    I received the projector, and it really gave me a great surprise. From packaging to product design, as well as the product experience, all of them are excellent. Although I used the projector for the first time, I just started to fumble, but I quickly got started. , It really feels like a movie theater at home, the picture is very clear, and the sound effect is superb! My son loves it too, it’s great

  20. G***n

    After getting the goods, I am very satisfied. It is small and exquisite, can be automatically corrected, and the sound effect is also very good. It can be seen anywhere. It is very convenient and I like it very much. Color brightness is also relatively positive.

  21. D***u

    Advantages: The sound effect is great, the projection quality is also good, as long as there is no direct sunlight during the day, it can be projected
    Disadvantages: 1080p screen projection will automatically crop (3-5 seconds of content will be missed after a while) is the same as watching the castrated version
    Give 3 stars because the price is in the flagship, and the clipping of the film leads to the unsatisfactory movie experience

  22. T***t

    Appearance: Good-looking, high-tech
    Projection brightness: good during the day
    Projection Color: Vivid
    Sound quality sound: good sound quality
    Ease of Operation: Simple
    Other features: Trapezoidal automatic correction is easy to use, and it will be automatically corrected when it is placed obliquely. It runs on both sides of my living room and bedroom, which is very good.

  23. Z***n

    1. Brightness: Excellent, Nice. Similar to a laser TV.
    2. Color: True 1080p tuning is very clear, clean and even. Personally, I think the 0.47 chip 4K machine is a bit stronger than 1080p.
    3. Functions: auto focus, auto correction, “smaller angle” when entering the screen, eye protection. All the tests were normal, and I didn’t encounter the problem of their online comments. Am I lucky?
    4. Sound: The sound of the cooling fan is very small, and the movie cannot be heard, OK.
    5. Appearance: Surprise! Much smaller than expected, simple, atmospheric, and high-end.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  24. U***u

    Fast delivery, grab it at 0:00, and deliver it during the day. I was amazed by the X3, the outer packaging was very thick and textured, and I was very excited after opening the box:
    Appearance: The details are in place, very textured, worthy of the price, I like it.
    Projection brightness: very satisfied, it is also very clear to watch during the day
    Projection color: It is a little white due to the influence of light during the day, and the color reproduction is very high at night
    Sound quality sound effect: very satisfied, better than my TV sound quality
    Easy to operate: easy to operate, one keystroke
    Other features: powerful, can download a lot of software, can learn and entertain, Dangbei X3 is really fragrant.
    no remark

  25. W***b

    The first time I used the projector, I am very satisfied. The appearance is square and upright, and the remote control feels very good. During the research, the customer service taught me to download a live TV software. As for the resource problem, I will search for it later!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  26. G***c

    Appearance: 2.5D glass, good-looking. The whole machine has a lot of weight. It has the texture of a flagship machine.
    Projection brightness: The brightness of the laser light source kills others, not direct sunlight, and there is no problem with the standard mode during the day. Picture 1 is the effect of not pulling the curtains on a cloudy day during the day.
    Projection color: Projection color: 1080P resolution is clear, the color is beautiful, and the degree of reproduction is high. The metal curtain I matched was perfect.
    Sound quality and sound effect: The sound is very good, and the three-dimensional effect is very strong. The volume is loud, the mids and highs are clear, and the bass is adequate.
    no remarkno remark

  27. O***l

    It was amazing to use the projection for the first time. The autofocus is very convenient to start, and the brightness is also great. Since the curtain has not been installed, the video and photos are temporarily projected on the wall, and there are shading, but it does not look bad, and I will follow up after the curtain is installed. All in all, it looks good, the sound is enough, and the brightness is the best. If you don’t turn on the highlight, you can hardly hear the fan. As for the color cast that everyone has been talking about, I personally feel it’s okay, the wall has this The effect, the curtain should be better. Are you hesitating what curtain to buy?
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  28. Z***u

    Originally, I didn’t have high expectations for a projector at this price, but I didn’t expect to try it out, and the effect exceeded my expectations. The projector looks good, the fan is quiet, and the system has the same desktop as my TV box, which is very convenient to use. Now I have put it in the bedroom to watch it on TV, hehe? The picture was taken during the day with the curtains closed, and the brightness and clarity are still very good.
    no remarkno remark

  29. A***g

    The projector is generally very satisfactory. I didn’t expect it to be so small. The brightness is enough for daytime use. The automatic keystone correction works well. It also autofocuses every time it moves. The speaker effect is also good. The video played on the mobile phone can be directly cast to the screen without delay. The interface is very rich, and hdmi can also connect to the computer and play games on the screen. The noise during use is also very small, almost inaudible.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  30. O***u

    The overall feeling of the projector is very pleasant. I didn’t expect it to be smaller than expected. The brightness is enough to draw curtains during the day. The automatic keystone correction works well. The video played on the mobile phone can be directly cast to the screen without delay. The interface is very rich, and hdmi can also connect to the computer and play games on the screen. The noise during use is also very small, almost inaudible. The heat is also well controlled. After two or three hours, the rest of the place is cool except for the heat dissipation port. The screen is also strong enough, and the actual look and feel is good.
    no remark

  31. T***o

    The size is clear, the sound quality is very good, and it is enough for the family. It is not much different from the XGIMI 1S in my home.
    Appearance: Small and exquisite.
    Projection brightness: Projection brightness can be
    Projection Color: The color is clearly visible.
    Sound quality sound effect: small speakers. awesome
    Easy to operate: easy to operate, no problem for the elderly and children to operate.
    Other features: easy to carry
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  32. B***e

    After a night of comparison, after watching various evaluation videos and knowledge of the parameters of home projectors, I finally chose this old brand with high cost performance. The logistics is still the same, the order is delivered the next day. The link is very simple, and there is no need to download an additional app, just connect to wifi and you can use it. The remote control has its own voice function, and you can jump by long-pressing to speak and the needs. Wallpaper is pasted in the bedroom, but it does not affect the viewing effect at all, the picture quality is clear and smooth, and the screen projection method is simple. It can be connected to the switch, and the game experience on the big screen is better. There is also a karaoke function, you can download and sing, the national K song, the sound effect is also very good
    no remarkno remark

  33. N***u

    The screen can be projected on a mobile phone, and the clarity is also very good. It is OK to directly project on the wall. There is a 120-inch projection screen at a distance of three meters. The built-in content is also very good. purchase.
    no remark

  34. S***b

    Fully automatic keystone correction is a rare feature. With the automatic keystone correction function in seconds, no matter where you place it, desk, coffee table or bedside, the front and side projection can be automatically corrected. This function is one of the most wanted functions by users who have used projectors. ;Full-screen auto-focus, when powering on or moving, it is instantly clear, and it will be better in terms of user experience; it supports Dolby and DTS dual sound effects, which is far superior to the old models in terms of sound quality. Equipped with such audio equipment, users do not need to An additional configuration of the sound system can achieve a very good effect. It also upgraded the all-optical glass lens, which is not easy to be deformed by heat, not easy to age and turn yellow, and will not be defocused for a long time. The transmittance is higher, and the picture is clearer. and supports front projection 3D for the first time

  35. B***r

    projetor muito top, excelente qualidade, muito brilho

  36. K***t

    Arrived in 11 days, I can’t wait to unbox it and try it out. I was not disappointed. I used the white wall at home. The brightness and clarity of the test are all very good. I bought it for my child’s online class. It is easy to use and has comprehensive functions. It is easy for family members to get started without operating a computer.
    It is very clear to connect to the computer to read the document, and it is very clear to watch the Youku high-definition source movie on the screen. The brightness can meet the requirements without selecting the highest brightness. I am very satisfied with a shopping, and hope to use it stably for a long time.
    no remark

  37. U***b

    Entrega muy rápida, llegó en 13 días.
    Pequeño y exquisito, con buena claridad, logística rápida, rendimiento de alto costo y sin ruido cuando se usa, es muy claro cuando se arroja directamente a la pared, vale la pena comprarlo.
    Apariencia: Apuesto.
    Brillo de proyección: alto
    Color de proyección: color completo y claro.
    Sonido de calidad de sonido: buena calidad de sonido.
    Fácil de operar: la operación es suave y simple, y el teléfono móvil se puede lanzar directamente.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  38. L***z

    Shipping was fast, only 12 days to arrive. The quality is quite good! It is very clear, and the effect of pulling the curtains a little during the day is very good. It is good for office and entertainment! It is indeed a laser 3D shutter projector, the machine is more delicate, beautiful and powerful

  39. G***r

    Geralmente leva mais de 20 dias para o pacote chegar, desta vez 15 para chegar, muito rápido
    Esse projetor é muito bom. Comprei para uma empresa para uma reunião. É claro e de alta definição. A qualidade do som e a qualidade da imagem são excelentes. A embalagem é primorosa. É muito legal assistir a um filme~ O display eletrônico na sala de conferências também é bom de assistir, um verdadeiro filme imersivo.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  40. T***x

    13 days to arrive, very fast
    Appearance: 2.5D glass, good-looking. The whole machine has a lot of weight. Advanced design.
    Projection brightness: The brightness of the laser light source kills others, not direct sunlight, and there is no problem with the standard mode during the day. Picture 1 is the effect of not pulling the curtains on a cloudy day during the day.
    Projection color: Projection color: 1080P resolution is clear, the color is beautiful, and the degree of reproduction is high. The metal curtain I matched was perfect.
    Sound quality and sound effect: The sound is very good, and the three-dimensional effect is very strong. The volume is loud, the mids and highs are clear, and the bass is adequate.
    Mute. Powerful. Highly recommended to buy.
    no remark

  41. S***i

    After choosing a lot of projectors, I chose him in the end, not disappointed, value for money, and enjoy a happy and beautiful life
    Appearance: fashionable and elegant
    Projection brightness: no problem during the day, good effect at night
    Projection Color: Standard Mode is Enough
    Sound quality sound effect: the effect is very good
    Easy to operate: easy to operate, smooth operation
    Other features: good far-field voice effect, simple and trouble-free
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  42. X***u

    Appearance: still very textured and heavy
    Projection brightness: The brightness is very satisfactory, the picture quality is clear, it can still be used for watching movies during the day, and it is great at night
    Projection color: the color looks okay, there is a sense of hierarchy
    Sound quality sound effect: excellent sound quality, enough without external speakers
    Easy to operate: automatic correction, mobile phone screen projection, smooth and smooth, very user-friendly
    no remark

  43. Q***v

    Aspect : grand et lourd
    Luminosité de la projection : la luminosité est très élevée et il suffit d’utiliser l’équipement d’économie d’énergie.
    Couleur de projection : colorée, bonne
    Effet sonore de qualité sonore: faible bruit, l’effet sonore est OK
    Facile à utiliser : facile à utiliser, télécommande, mise au point automatique, correction automatique.
    La logistique est rapide, arrivé en 13 jours
    no remarkno remark

  44. O***f

    Wygląd: duży i ciężki
    Jasność projekcji: Jasność jest bardzo wysoka i wystarczy użyć energooszczędnego sprzętu;
    Kolor projekcji: kolorowy, dobry
    Efekt dźwiękowy jakości dźwięku: niski poziom hałasu, efekt dźwiękowy jest OK
    Łatwy w obsłudze: łatwy w obsłudze, autofocus, autokorekta,
    Szybka dostawa, dotarła w 14 dni

  45. X***j

    Brilho de projeção: muito brilhante, desde que não seja um grande filme escuro, as cortinas não podem ser fechadas durante o dia.
    Aparência: Muito texturizado, e o design da caixa também é muito especial.
    Cor de projeção: a cor pode ser ajustada manualmente
    Efeitos sonoros de qualidade de som: níveis claros de detalhes
    Facilidade de Operação: Simples
    Outros recursos: foco automático, correção automática
    no remarkno remark

  46. O***d

    Luminosité de la projection : cela n’affecte pas la visualisation pendant la journée, et c’est beaucoup plus clair que le XGIMI qui regardait la maison du voisin auparavant.
    Couleur de projection : très claire, aucune anomalie n’a été constatée.
    Effet sonore de qualité sonore: L’effet sonore est très bon.
    Facile à utiliser : facile à utiliser.
    Autres caractéristiques : bonne qualité et prix bas.

  47. Z***k

    La logística es muy rápida, llegó en 15 días.
    Apariencia: Moderno y atmosférico, es muy pesado de llevar.
    Brillo de proyección: puedes ver claramente sin tirar de las cortinas durante el día, y es muy claro por la noche.
    Color de proyección: Los colores son brillantes, nada que decir.
    Efecto de sonido de calidad de sonido: el efecto es genial.
    También es genial para jugar en la pantalla grande. Transformers jugar 4k también es libre de estrés

  48. S***l

    מראה: יוקרתי ונדיב, פשוט והגון, אופנתי ואלגנטי.
    בהירות הקרנה: ניתן לצפות גם במהלך היום, והאפקט טוב יותר בלילה!
    צבעי הקרנה: צבעים מרהיבים ורכים.
    איכות הסאונד ואפקט הסאונד: אפקט הסאונד טוב מהצפוי, והוא מספיק לחלוטין.
    קל לתפעול: פשוט, נוח ומהיר לתפעול.
    מאפיינים נוספים: פעולה חלקה, הקרנת מסך טלפון נייד פשוטה וקלה לשימוש, אופטימיזציה טובה של המערכת, פונקציות שלמות, חומרה טובה וביצועים טובים!
    no remarkno remark

  49. P***v

    15 يومًا للوصول ، سريع جدًا
    المظهر: المظهر بسيط وأنيق ، جميل جدا ، نوعية جيدة ، راض جدا.
    سطوع الإسقاط: واضح جدًا ، يبدو جيدًا وعمليًا ، السعر غير مكلف ، الخدمات اللوجستية سريعة أيضًا ، راضية جدًا.
    لون الإسقاط: لون مشرق ، استنساخ جيد
    تأثير صوت جودة الصوت: صوت واضح
    سهل التشغيل: سهل التشغيل ، ما عليك سوى اتباع التعليمات
    ميزات أخرى: راضٍ جدًا ، آمل أن يتم استخدامه لفترة أطول
    no remarkno remark

  50. V***s

    Looks great during the day, even better at night
    Appearance: This is really beautiful
    Difficulty to operate: super simple I will use the same as a TV the first time I buy it
    Sound quality: Sound quality is good
    Projection color: The color is very bright. I used the original camera to shoot
    Other features: mainly can lie down and watch
    no remarkno remark

  51. B***g

    Apariencia: Apariencia: La apariencia es muy hermosa
    Brillo de proyección: el brillo y las luces tenues no afectan la visualización
    Color de proyección: el color es muy vivo, comparable a una sala de cine
    Calidad de sonido: la calidad de sonido también está bien
    Facilidad de operación: el sistema operativo es simple y sin publicidad
    Otras características: Muy buen servicio al cliente para ir de compras y explicar con paciencia los problemas encontrados.
    no remarkno remark

  52. G***a

    Appearance: fine workmanship, fashion
    Projection color: the same effect as watching TV at night
    Sound quality and sound effect: The sound effect is good, no noise, the sound quality is really good
    Easy to operate: The operation is also simple, just read the manual and the prompts after booting can be completed
    Other features: clear picture quality, good sound effects, watching movies at home has the feeling of a movie theater, which is really good. This product is small and exquisite, but has a good texture, the overall feeling is very good
    no remarkno remark

  53. U***o

    Aussehen: feine Verarbeitung, Mode
    Projektionsfarbe: derselbe Effekt wie beim nächtlichen Fernsehen
    Soundqualität und Soundeffekt: Der Soundeffekt ist gut, kein Rauschen, die Soundqualität ist wirklich gut
    Einfach zu bedienen: Die Bedienung ist auch einfach, einfach das Handbuch lesen und die Eingabeaufforderungen nach dem Booten können abgeschlossen werden
    Weitere Merkmale: klare Bildqualität, gute Soundeffekte, Filme schauen zu Hause hat das Gefühl eines Kinos, was wirklich gut ist. Dieses Produkt ist klein und exquisit, hat aber eine gute Textur, das Gesamtgefühl ist sehr gut
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  54. A***o

    muy buena experiencia
    no remarkno remark

  55. L***p

    Appearance: Fashion and beautiful, exquisite workmanship.
    Projection Brightness: Clear during the day, better when the curtains are drawn and at night.
    Projection color: The color reproduction is true and the layers are clear.
    Sound quality and sound effect: The sound level is clear, and the decibel of the machine’s heat dissipation noise is very low.
    Easy to operate: The manual is brief and easy to operate.

  56. F***k

    외관: 패션과 아름답고 절묘한 솜씨.
    투사 밝기: 낮에는 분명하고 커튼을 칠 때와 밤에 더 좋습니다.
    투영 색상: 색상 재현이 사실이고 레이어가 명확합니다.
    음질 및 음향 효과: 사운드 레벨이 명확하고 기계의 방열 소음의 데시벨이 매우 낮습니다.
    간편한 조작: 설명서가 간단하고 조작하기 쉽습니다.

  57. L***l

    Aspetto: disimballare e testare la macchina. Il design dell’aspetto è molto bello. Si adatta bene all’ambiente domestico. È snello e rotondo.
    Luminosità di proiezione: la luminosità è buona. Non è un problema per accendere la luce. La dimensione della proiezione è grande. È bello guardare film e canzoni K.
    Colore di proiezione: colore pieno e qualità dell’immagine nitida. Guardare film in camera da letto sembra un cinema.
    Qualità del suono ed effetto sonoro: l’effetto sonoro è buono, migliore di quello dei normali altoparlanti. Può essere utilizzato da solo come altoparlante
    Facile da usare: facile da usare, messa a fuoco automatica, correzione
    Altre caratteristiche: puoi trasmettere lo schermo sul tuo cellulare.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  58. Y***e

    Aparência: pequeno e portátil, fácil de mover
    Brilho de projeção: a tela é muito brilhante, o que pode ser melhorado
    Cor de projeção: a cor é brilhante e brilhante, e o tratamento está no lugar
    Fácil de operar: foco automático, não precisa se preocupar
    O efeito de projeção é muito bom. Posso usar uma cortina ou uma parede branca.

  59. N***o

    O pacote é requintado e simples. É envolto em espuma à prova de choque. O design de aparência da máquina é bonito, os cantos são redondos, o peso é moderado, o controle remoto é confortável, as teclas são sensíveis, o brilho também é claro durante o dia, a cor é brilhante, não irrita o olhos, o efeito sonoro é ótimo, a qualidade do som é clara, o som é cercado e você pode sentir a sensação do cinema em casa. A operação principal é simples. A focagem automática e a prevenção automática de obstáculos são realizadas simultaneamente e o desempenho geral é ótimo!
    no remarkno remark

  60. B***d

    La corrección trapezoidal automática es particularmente fácil de usar. Es particularmente fácil de usar y bastante preciso para personas como yo que nos mudamos a menudo.
    El sonido es bueno y la calidad del sonido es comparable a la de Harman Caton.
    El brillo está bien. Puedes verlo durante el día. Se ve particularmente bien por la noche o cuando cierras las cortinas.
    Tamaño pequeño, buena textura de control remoto.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  61. D***k

    Apariencia: alto valor y apariencia de alta gama.
    Brillo de proyección: el brillo se puede utilizar en casa. El efecto es muy bueno durante el día y el efecto de encender la luz por la noche también es muy bueno Las fotos fueron tomadas durante el día
    Color de proyección: buen contraste y hermoso color.
    Calidad de sonido y efecto de sonido: no está mal. Soy exigente con el estéreo. Lo que quiero decir es suficiente
    Difícil y fácil de operar: la operación es muy conveniente y se puede usar sin leer el manual.

  62. T***m

    Apariencia: en realidad es más pequeño de lo esperado. Está justo en la mesita de noche. La textura de metal, especialmente el control remoto, es genial.
    Brillo de proyección: la imagen se toma con las luces apagadas durante el día y el brillo de la habitación es suficiente.
    Color de proyección: la calidad de la imagen en color es comparable a la de la televisión, pero es más cómoda que la televisión y no irrita los ojos.
    Fácil de operar: simple
    Calidad de sonido y efecto de sonido: el modo de música también vale la pena escuchar canciones fuera de la pantalla, y la calidad del sonido es excelente.
    Otras características: el arranque es más rápido que el televisor, la sensación real es de menos de tres segundos, sin publicidad, cómoda.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  63. A***r

    Apariencia: empaque exquisito, ambiente de moda, lleno de sentido de la ciencia y la tecnología.
    Brillo de proyección: muy satisfecho. Puedes ver claramente con la luz encendida.
    Color de proyección: cómodo a la vista.
    Efecto de sonido de calidad de sonido: muy bueno, sonido estéreo perfecto.
    Fácil de operar: fácil de operar, fácil de usar.

  64. S***l

    muito show adorei, comprarei novamente, parabéns

  65. V***f

    Ha sido un tiempo.
    Póngalo en la sala de estar y utilícelo directamente contra la pared blanca.
    Compare los efectos de no tener luces por la noche, la mitad de las cortinas corridas durante el día y las luces encendidas durante el día.
    Es muy fácil de usar, y la claridad no es nada que decir. Los dos altavoces incorporados se sienten suficientes. El altavoz de pared bluetooth no es necesario por el momento.
    La casa nueva está reformada y pienso instalar una para el salón de mi madre.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  66. F***a

    A máquina não precisa ajustar manualmente a distância focal e pode focar automaticamente, o que é uma vantagem! Ótimo para assistir filmes! Considerando recomprar um para meu amigo!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  67. E***e

    love this projector and love the seller as fast response and very informative… thumbs up
    no remark

  68. J***r

    Всё как в описании, внешне и функционал совпадают полостью. Были небольшие проблемы с подключением к wi-fi, но продавец помог и всё решил, постоянно выходил на контакт и старался всё объяснить, присылал фото, чтоб показать как всё сделать
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  69. Z***e

    проектор оправдал ожидания. после настройки картинка чёткая, можно подключить отдельно к колонке и звук будет объемнее и громче. вентилятора практически не слышно. купили для него кронштейн и теперь наслаждаемся просмотром. доставка была 1 месяц

  70. L***g

    Netflix를 설치할 수 있지만 Google Play 스토어에서는 설치할 수 없습니다. 먼저 데스크탑 관리자를 설치한 다음 거기에서 Netflix를 설치해야 합니다. 한 단계 더 필요하지만 airplay를 사용하는 것보다 낫습니다. 전반적으로 이것은 좋은 프로젝터이고 할 수 있습니다. 내 요구의 대부분을 충족시킵니다.

  71. P***r

    this Device is amazing the screen goes up to 200inch
    even outside it get wifi didnt need to boost with repeater
    you can even play old retro game (Super nintendo,gameboy and more) just plug your controller and install your games
    so easy to set up with Android watch (netflix,Disney amazon prime,plex,kodi…so much more)
    the picture is great and the sound is even better (the harmon kardon speaker does not sound like a tin can) let me tell you
    you even need to lower it because it too loud (careful not to wake your neighbors)
    what a great way to watch movie all summer with family and friends

  72. A***c

    Received my projector. The packaging is very good. It’s really great. It’s easy to configure it in Russian. Now I want to learn how to use it. I have seen a movie environment with complete projection. You can project and display on the floor, ceiling and wall.

  73. M***p

    I was worried about the poor effect before I bought it. After a long comparison, I finally chose this one. In the past, I used the one with a larger volume. I didn’t expect that the projection volume is so small and the effect is so good. I can invest wherever I want and wherever I go!

  74. m***a

    Supera toda expectativa, imagen, sonido, muy elegante el wquipo y su caja.
    Llego muy rapido
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  75. j***z

    Buen Producto. Me gusta.

  76. A***v

    Пришел товар в идеальном состоянии. Качество достойное. Картинка приятная. Звук хороший. Доставили на 10 дней раньше, чем я ожидал.

  77. D***n

    very good Beamer! small and powerfull! very fast delivery! Thank you!

  78. o***v

    Все отлично работает!

  79. P***v

    коробка пришла в хлам мятая, думал все плакал мой проектор, но внутри все целое, проектор качественный, но вот четкость изображения оставляет желать лучшего, я ожидал более качественную картинку, ещё положили в подарок чехольчик, спасибо
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  80. C***n

    Excelente comunicación con el vendedor, siempre contestaban cuando les escribía, cualquier duda siempre coordinar con el vendedor, ellos siempre están para ayudarte. El proyector es muy bueno supera todas mis expectativas, el sonido, imagen, excelente, es todo como lo presentan, mil puntos. Gracias.

  81. A***Y

    Норм игрушка! На слабом wi-fi во дворе не тянет. Airdrop тормозит. Хорошо тянет на раздаче с телефона. Норм вариант для мобильного куража. Спасибо китайским друзьям- оптимальная штука для спонтанных вечерин!!! Спасибо!!!

  82. F***l

    wooooww really good product

  83. O***a

    Хороший проектор, по картинке лучше любого 1lcd это точно, автофокус не всегда работает хорошо, картинка четкая, яркая. Но у меня основной проектор Benq 1080 и у него все не сравнимо ярче, чётче, цвета другие, хотя по бумаге оба FullHD. Пришло очень быстро, дней за 20 с Китая.

  84. E***a

    Excelente projetor.

  85. V***v

    Нормальный проектор для не очень требовательных пользователей. Разрешение около 480р – в 1 см 4 пикселя, высота экрана 120 см. Яркость хорошая, фокусировка странная – автомат не всегда справляется. Шум на уровне маленького 1lcd с какими-то призвуками, звук достаточный для сериалов и тв. Спасибо продавцу за быстрый обратный обмен на деньги.
    no remark

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