FAQ For Newsletter Subscription

1. What kinds of rights could I gain if I subscribe to Gearbest’s newsletters?

When you successfully subscribe to Gearbest’s newsletters, you are allowable to gain corresponding points (please refer to official notices if you’d like to get the details). Then you could have a check for the reward through clicking “Personal Center — My Points”. Also you are able to enjoy some subscriber-only benefits, gain email-only prices, firstly know the activities in special events, and firstly acquire related information of new items.

2. What can the points be used for?

You could use the points to attend the activities of point exchange, lucky draw, and shopping cash deduction. If you’d like to learn more details about point rules, please click “Customer service — My Points”.

3. How long are the points valid for?

The period of validity for the points rewarded to you is 180 days.

4. Are the discounts offered by newsletters the biggest across the whole station?

Actually, we could not guarantee the discounts that you gain from our newsletters are the biggest across the whole station. But you could acquire the most up-to-date and various discounts about the items you may be keen on.

5. Who can obtain the points for the newsletter’s subscription?

The points can be only gained by the first-time subscribers. If you had subscribed to Gearbest’s newsletters and then unsubscribed to them before, you are not allowable to obtain the points again. Additionally, an email address is forbidden to subscribe repeatedly to obtain the points.

6. How do I subscribe to Gearbest’s newsletters?

There are two ways available for you to subscribe to Gearbest’s newsletters. The first one is accessing the  [email protected] . And then what you need to do is to enter your email address in subscription box. The second way is getting yourself to the left bottom of the first page of Gearbest’s website, where there is a subscription box for you. You could then type in your email address and click the button of “Subscribe”.

7. Why do I gain a Gearbest account when I subscribe to Gearbest’s newsletters? Can I change the password?

Given the points you gain from subscription are bound up with the email address you use to subscribe to newsletters, if the subscription email is not a registered Gearbest account, you are unable to get the points. In order to avoid this issue, our system will automatically create a Gearbest account and an initial password for you. The Gearbest account and password will be sent to you via email. There is a linkage in the email, you could then click it and change the password. Once you have done the aforementioned steps, you could then use the points to enjoy your shopping.

8. If I’d like to unsubscribe to Gearbest’s newsletters, how can I make it?

Well, if you would like to unsubscribe to them, firstly you need to open an email. And then you can scroll down the email to the bottom, where there is a button for you to unsubscribe to our newsletters. If you forget your email, you could contact customer service center to tackle the issue.

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